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Kamen B. Petrov

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Kamen B. Petrov

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English, Bulgarian, German, Spanish

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Country-flag Spain

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£ 60/hr

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I'm Jungian Psychotherapist, Psychologist and Lecturer, based in Barcelona and working online with clients all over the world. I help people to deal with the difficulties in their relationships and to become aware of the unconscious emotions and dynamics that shape them. This gives the individual the chance to transform and to move forward from dysfunctional patterns, to understand and express much better their emotions, and to create deeper, more meaningful and more satisfying relationships. One of the most central aspect of my work is to help people to restore the meaning and purpose in their life, to get in touch with their authentic self and to develop their potential. I work with individuals, couples, families and children and I provide supervision to fellow psychotherapists. I'm a member of the British Psychological Society and professor at Metafora - a postgraduate program for Art Therapy in Barcelona. I have worked with people from many different nationalities and cultures.

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