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Blagica Rizoska

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Blagica Rizoska

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English, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian

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Country-flag Serbia

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£ 30/hr

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Weekday Evenings
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Director, Trainer, Therapist and Supervisor at Counselling Facility for Human Cooperation-Gestalt Training Institute, Skopje, Macedonia: Entrepreneurial / Chief Executive Officer at EMBRA Corporation, Skopje, Macedonia; Lecturer at American College, University Studies, Skopje; Experience in academic setting (10 years in formal education, more than 2500 students); Lecturer, trainer, facilitator in non-formal education (9 years, more than 250 trainings with more than 2000 participants);Mentor of employees, students and managers (10 years); Supervisor of the therapists, counsellors and students (3 years); Counsellor and psychotherapist of individuals, pairs and groups (7 years), Management consultant in private companies, NGO’s and public bodies (5 years); Entrepreneurial and business manager (5 years); Trainer of the trainers (Certified trainer in Career Counselling, Mental Health and Gestalt therapy-5 years); Human resources practitioner (3 years);

Registered with European Association for Psychotherapy

Gestalt Therapist (EAGT)