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Ramo de Boer

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English, Dutch

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Country-flag Netherlands

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£ 80/hr

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The essential ingredient of any effective therapy, coaching or spiritual practice is Attention. Without attention, we can not detach ourselves from the confining identification with our experiences, thoughts and feelings. Without attention, we literally lack overview and insight. We all like to be satisfied, healthy and energetic. These are normal human needs, like those for warmth, recognition, love and safety. However, our desire is usually greater than its ful-fillment. Then we experience a shortage or a lack, usually in the form of problems or set-backs. By focusing our attention on our own share in what we experience - including our problems and setbacks - we see our conditioned attitude in life, and liberation is at your fingertips. Over the last 30 years I have acquired thorough knowledge and experience with various psy-chotherapy and coaching methods, mindfulness, meditation and spiritual psychology. My working attitude is warm, humorous and direct.

Registered with the National Council of Psychotherapists

Gestalt Therapist (EAGT)