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Dr Daniela Hecht CPsychol

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Dr Daniela Hecht CPsychol

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Language :

English, German

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Country-flag United Kingdom

Fee :

£ 100/hr

Availability :

Weekday Evenings

About :

As a counselling psychologist who is deeply rooted in humanism, my approach to therapy is existentially/phenomenologically based, which means that in therapy with me we will focus and look at your own unique and personal experience, how you have come to find yourself where you are- right now- and then look at the possibility that you may be in a constant process of becoming, ever changing, but always in relation. Together we will work to discover new ways of relating in the world and raise awareness to the possibility of change, choice and taking responsibility for your actions and we will look at ways that help you identify and challenge the difficulties you have experienced.

Division of Counselling Psychology
Practitioner Psychologist