Demetris Nicolaides - Psychologist (MSc) Availability

Demetris Nicolaides - Psychologist (MSc)

Name :

Demetris Nicolaides - Psychologist (MSc)

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Language :

English, Greek

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Country-flag Cyprus

Fee :

£ 60/hr

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About :

Ever since I was young, I was curious about the diversity of people's behaviour and the different ways our mind affects our feelings and behaviour. The thirst for knowledge, the noteworthy ability to put myself to someone's shoes, the positive feedback I received from people who found solace by trusting me to share their struggles, and the higher meaning I have in life, which is to be a better version of myself every day and help others doing the same, convinced me to get into a career path that would make a difference in people's lives. As a psychologist (MSc) I had experience in working with populations such as adults, couples and family at KESY (Center for therapy and research), adolescents at Esperino Lyceum of Nicosia, elders at PASYDY Residential Care, drug addicts and parents (group therapy) at Agia Skepi Therapeutic Community, individuals from different cultures, ethnicities and religions in Leipzig (in-person therapy) and internationally (online therapy).