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Eve Menezes Cunningham

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Eve Menezes Cunningham

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 50/hr

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Weekdays and Evenings

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Eve is an online counsellor, supervisor and self-care coach. Are you ready to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing? Her holistic approach can help you create a fuller, happier and more peaceful life. Chair for BACP Coaching since January 2017, she is accredited with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and IACP (Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) as she will be moving to Ireland soon. Eve's integrative approach is very much about supporting you in helping yourself. Self-care for your mind, body, heart and soul. As well as psychosynthesis counselling, she can integrate coaching other therapies (including yoga therapy, NLP, EFT, crystals and mindfulness) if appropriate. You can find out more about her approach and access free book bonus videos created to accompany Eve's book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing (White Owl, 2017) as well as other free resources and information at selfcarecoaching.net

Accredited Counsellor