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Tim Harvard-Sweeting

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 50/hr

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I’m an MA-qualified person-centred therapist, counsellor or coach (these are all the same thing if the approach is person-centred). I trained with world-leading experts at the University of Nottingham, and am now based in Cornwall, providing online support to people locally, nationally and globally. The soft-but-strong 'person-centred' approach is quite different to other therapies. It as individual as you are, because we work with the world as you see it, 'from the inside-out'. You remain the best expert on you, but can I help you gain the confidence to make sense of things. Person-centred therapy is the original evidence-based approach, arising from mountains of data showing that 'doing things to' a client is less effective than 'being with' a client, because they have the force of growth on their side. It is not reliant on medical-style diagnoses and treatments. It's as effective as other leading therapies for all conditions, yet brings long-lasting change.

Registered Psychotherapist