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Ellie Mackay

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Ellie Mackay

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English, Spanish

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 50/hr

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I am an accredited Psychotherapist with the Uk Council for Psychotherapy. So why not try sharing your problems with someone who will listen and not judge, who is willing to support you to overcome your anxiety? I offer a gentle and compassionate, confidential and caring service. I like to think of my practice as a safe haven for counselling advice. When we are struggling with our mental health problems we often go to family or friends for support and this helps. But sometimes when things become too overwhelming even for them to help, we all need somebody unbiased and professional to turn to. Especially when life-long problems are concerned. I work with people who have depression, anxiety or eating disorders, and other issues, no matter how passing or enduring. I help people get through their problems in an understanding, non-judgemental, safe way, whilst maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality.

Psychotherapist- Gestalt Psychotherapist