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Dr Jason Spendelow

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Dr Jason Spendelow

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 80/hr

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Weekday Evenings

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Practical strategies that work. This is my approach to addressing the challenges people want to resolve. I also aim to provide a collaborative, conversational experience for clients. This is because working with a psychology professional shouldn’t be mysterious, uncomfortable, or anxiety-provoking. If you are considering booking a session, but unsure about whether I am right for you, schedule an informal (and free) video chat to say hello and ask any questions you might have. This is a very relaxed way to meet me with no expectation that you will make a follow-up appointment. I provide support to adults facing a wide range of challenges. These issues range from low mood, anxiety, and relationship problems, through to difficulties with confidence in the workplace. I work with many other issues, so feel free to contact me about your specific concerns.

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