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Dr Lucie Turner

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£ 100/hr

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I am a doctoral educated Clinical Psychologist who takes a holistic approach, with the belief that the unification of body, mind and spirit is key. I offer online therapy - individual therapy, couples counselling, ecotherapy and specialist eating disorder therapy. I am trained in a number of traditional and new wave psychological models of therapy and I draw on the breath and depth of what psychology has to offer. I use these different approaches flexibly to be able to create a therapy journey that suits you as the unique individual you are. My invitation is to walk with me on a journey of understanding and growth. A journey that can help you build a life of fulfillment and happiness. This of course does not mean life will always be sunny, but I can help you to turn towards the tumultuous emotions of the moment, deepen your relationship with yourself, and improve your skill at navigating your inner world.

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