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£ 80/hr

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Are you finding it difficult to change your thoughts, feelings or habits? Perhaps you want less worry, fear, anger or stress. Perhaps you want more happiness, confidence, calmness and resilience. I'm here to help you make that change. I use pioneering techniques designed for the 90% of your brain that is outside your conscious awareness. I don't spend much time talking with the conscious brain, because those thoughts are easier to change. I focus on the parts of the brain that don't understand logic, language, or plans. But they do provide us with instinctive automated thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, they just learn the wrong thing, and need some help to work in the right way. If you'd like some help to retrain your thoughts, feelings or habits, I'm here to help you today. Contact me to find out more. You may be surprised how fast the change can be. Registered and insured: CNHC, NCH, BAThH, National Hypnotherapy Society, National Society of Psychotherapists, BWRT, Havening.