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Kevin Rose

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 60/hr

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Weekdays and Evenings

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Hello, my name is Kevin Rose. I am a psychotherapist, counsellor and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist offering counselling in North London and online. I’ve helped many people from different backgrounds in my thirty years as a therapist and I work with a range of therapies depending on what’s best for the client. Life sometimes throws at us more than we can make sense of and this can affect , and your relationships. A loss of self-confidence can lead to some critical negative thinking. You find you’re behaving in a way you don't like, or in the same 'old situation', feeling anxious and stressed. You know you don't want to be there, yet somehow it's happened again. You’ve probably been thinking about counselling and wondering what to do. Why not take that first step if you're feeling stuck and visit my website: Counselling helps you understand the issues you’re facing and see them in a different light and discover there is another way forward.

Psychotherapist- Psychodynamic Psychotherapist