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Kate Heavey

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£ 55/hr

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BACP accredited working with inidividuals + couples. There is a saying that we are born for connection so what happens when you are not in relationship? If you do not have a relationship with yourself, what happens? If you do not have a relationship with others, what happens? Whether this is home, work, family, friends, social settings, etc. You are here because, at its root cause, there has been a disconnect / injury for you. What is true is that you have had 'good enough' as you are here yet your learnt patterns and behaviours are no longer working for you as effectively as they once did. This can result in unpleasant feelings, life issues, addiction, acting out, game playing, self-blame, loss, etc. You may be coping with life yet feel you are not living. Counselling + psychotherapy offer a way to look at the effect of how you are living life today on you. Let’s work on helping you sort through your discontentment to find a place where you feel more contented with life.

Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist