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Christopher Coulson

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 135/hr

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Hi, I'm a psychotherapist, relationship counsellor and life coach and I've been working online for over ten years of my thirty year career. More than half of that was in the USA which is where I trained. Although I work at depth my orientation is very much toward developing human potential and maximising the return on your investment in the process and in your life. Working on Skype, whether video or just audio, frees you to select the right therapist for you and also to explore things you may not feel free to discuss in a conventional setting. My work tends to be mid to long term so I invite clients to 'meet' with me at no charge before making any commitment. My practice has a concentration on gifted adults and those with a very individual or independent world-view. These attributes often manifest in symptoms such as addictions, eating disorders and relationship challenges at work and home.

Psychotherapist- Humanistic and integrative psychotherapist